nice new chat, Wade.

2008-05-26 16:42:58 by Miikro

Yeah, for some reason I actually came by the site.

That gigantic dramatic episode and unwarranted hostility so you could replace us with a gif. Fail.

Go to hell, dude.


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2008-05-26 18:00:41

I agree fully with this news post.


2008-05-26 22:11:29

Hey. Stop not being here. >: (

Miikro responds:

someone make this place stop sucking and i'll return. >:(


2008-07-17 18:48:29

Amazing, you write the term "Mii" in your username for this site long before the Nintendo Wii was even thought of being made, how did you do it?


2008-08-20 13:37:35

You hit the nail right on the head there!

*whispers* what is he talking about?


2010-01-30 09:41:05

Since when did I have anything to do with the chat? Tom called for the old IRC chat to be disassociated with NG, and I have no control over when the new chat is finished.